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Analysis and Research phase

The first phase of the project was aimed to analyse and research about the Quality of Life concepts, the elderly and the educational aspects that could impact the seniors' quality of life. Here you can find the reports and papers published related to this firts phase.

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Analysis Research [reports]

Below are the reports produced. This research was performed to focus correctly the production of the guide and the evaluation toolkit.

Previous reports show the previoius anaylisys and conclusions of the research done in the institutions to be used later for the Guide production and the toolkit.

More scientific reports are available on links below.

How model the impact of quality of life [paper]

As part of the research and during the Analysis phase, a paper was accepted for publication and presentation in the 4th World Conference on Educational Sciences (2-5 February 2012, Barcelona)
The paper has been written by Pilar Escuder-Mollon (UJI) with the title "Modelling the impact of lifelong learning on senior citizens' quality of life" which shows the first results after the Analysis of the Work Package 2.


How education impacts on senior learners' QoL [paper]

On February 5-8, 2013, Pilar Escuder-Mollon and Roger Esteller-Curto  presented two articles in the World Conference On Educational Scieces 2013 in Rome. The main theme of the Conference was "lifelong learning" and the QEduSen project offered two conferences:



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The project has [not] finished

This project ended on 31.01.2014, but we are still working !!!. Follow us on Twitter to know what's happening and join our network to use and improve the EduSenior results.

Guide and evaluation toolkit

You can download the Guide and the Toolkit and other resources in PDF

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